Paris here I come

Thursday, 16 April 2009

Caught off guard by the Easter Bunny

Did anyone else get caught off-guard by the cute little Easter Bunny? So cute, so fluffly, so deceiving! I can't really blame an innocent little rabbit who only serves to mark this amazing season with the dreaded brown temptation...sounds pretty yucky (brown temptation - could be mud by that description). But it's just as well that I'm not a chocaholic or my week would have been even worse on the scales.

I gained again this week - 300 gms, so not too devastating, but the plan was to lose the 1 kg I'd put on last week. I weighed-in on Monday and 86.3 kg came up on the screen , but since then the scales have been coming back down again into the 85s...phew!

I've finally been fruit and vegie shopping this week as they were very low in our house over the last 2 weeks.

No vegies = weight gain for Heather

But my vegie supply is dwindling again, so I'd bettter go and do some shopping soon.

But on a fun note. I went clothes shopping yesterday as I don't have many winter clothes that fit me. This time last year I was almost 35 kg heavier and a size 24-26. Now I'm a size 14 and can buy clothes in shops I wouldn't have even stepped foot into. I bought my very first pair of knee-high boots, a skirt, a two pairs of pants. I haven't bought a skirt in years either! So I had heaps of fun spending some of the stimulus money I'm hoping to get soon. Brent liked my purchases so that was good!

May be some photos to come...

Tuesday, 7 April 2009

What do Brittany Spears and I have in common?

"Whoops, I did it again..." by Brittany Spears - my theme song for the week. Now what was I saying last week about not letting the 35 kg milestone go to my head, and letting my hair down...etc....? Thank goodness I still have a week to go before my year is up. I have one week to get rid of what I gained this week. And I gained 1 kg!

We have had some dear friends staying with us this week who left for NZ for 3 years this morning. There have been several parties and dinners over the course of the week, and I didn't track as diligently as I normally do. So what did I learn? Track, track, track ....exercise, exercise, exercise.... and buy plenty of fruit and vegies. Well, I might as well learn something.... I let the busy-ness of the week dictate my responses to how I ate this week. Too busy to cook, too busy to shop, too busy to exercise...excuses, excuses, excuses...

So this week, I'm determined to take off what I gained...I will still make my annual goal if I stick to the basics.

The scales told me that I now weigh 86 kg, which is a gain of 1 kg from last week. I need to lose 800 gm to attain my goal of losing 35 kg in a year - the goal is to get to 85.2 kg. I can do it! Grrrrrrr! *That's me gritting my teeth*