Paris here I come

Thursday, 6 September 2012

Just ate veggies for dinner and liked it!

Last night Brent decided it was time to use up some veggies sitting in the fridge. I normally use up everything before the next lot of veggies are delivered on Thursday of every week (by Farmers Direct). I still love the service...This week I failed to use up all my veggies and had about 8 zucchini, 8 carrots, a head of broccoli and an eggplant to use in one day.  The next delivery arrives today.

So last night Brent starts chopping, and then I join in chopping, and I end up doubling the amount he was going to cook. We didn't manage to use all the veggies up but have made a good sized dent in the veggie oversupply, and we ate the whole lot up.  It was so simple but so tasty - just stir fried veggies with garlic and oyster sauce.  But they were really yummy.  And so that's all I ate last night - not even rice or any meat. No-one complained.

Almost 0 points!

Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Time to stop eating my emotions

Hi there.  It's been ages since I last came here.  And I'm back again with my tail between my legs! I feel  like I've been saying that a lot lately.

So it's time to stop eating my emotions.  Not sure if it's hormonal, or just feeling flat...whatever the reason, I don't need to eat to feel better cos in the end I feel worse!

I've weighed in to face the music and I'm up to 110.4kg, so that's enough! Back to tracking and back to taking control of what goes into my mouth!