Paris here I come

Monday, 29 June 2009

Down she goes

Yay! I lost 1.1 kg this week which is great. But I could have lost even more if I'd kept tracking for the whole 7 days. I weighed in at 87.2 kg which is what I weighed back in February, so I'm sort of ticked that progress has been so slow this winter. But from what I've been noticing others saying on the WW community boards and other bloggers; winter has been difficult for many of us.

This morning I walked the kids all the way to school (5 minutes up and 5 minutes back, lol). My inlaws went back to NZ yesterday so maybe there'll be less temptation around. I loved having them here and they are always so helpful around the house - cooking, washing, painting, gardening, babysitting etc...but there are definitely more cakes in the house too.

So now I have no more excuses, no inlaws to buy cakes for, the sun is shining and I can go outside for a walk....and I can track all 7 days instead of five.

My GWEJ (goal weight end of July) is 85 kg, which is my all time lowest since starting WW last year. I am determined and annoyed enough to make it back to 85 kg and beyond!

Monday, 22 June 2009

The good, the bad and the ugly

Well, I'm a believer of being transparent. No point hiding from the truth - the truth will find you out. So, I'm going to just announce my 1.7kg gain this week. I didn't blog last week either...sometimes you just want to hang your head in shame, or hide...I kind of feel like doing that...but there's no point. I think everyone struggles at some point. And I'm struggling right now...but today's WI was a real reality check for me.

I realise that I start the week OK, go over a few pts a day... but blow out in the weekend. There have been quite a few social occasions lately...and way too much dessert happening in the house in the evenings. Normally there's nothing naughty around, but we've had my ILs here, and there's just a bit more hi point food around than usual. But no-one is forcing me to eat it...I've been doing that all by myself.

So now I weigh 88.3kg and I'm thoroughly ticked off. Annoyed enough to get my head in the game? I think so! After all, it really is all in the head.

Tuesday, 9 June 2009

It's a great feeling - exercise!

Firstly, thank you for your kind thoughts during this sad time, it was really lovely to read your comments. It was also good to be reminded to take the time to remember my has certainly returned to busy-ness while I'm desperately trying to catch up with work. But I've been purposely talking about him with my friends and people at work so I've been taking the time to think about him even though I'm busy.

As far as my exercise goal went this went - yay, I finally went on a biggish walk on Saturday. I went from home to the shopping centre which took 35 minutes, and then walked around the centre for about an hour, then walked home again. I felt good afterwards, and what's more I actually saved some points that day! And I also satisfied my need to buy a new bag for work, filled it with lollies for Sarah's birthday party, and carried it home - extra workout! Then later that day, we went to Darling Harbour on the rivercat ferry and went to the Jazz and Blues Festival...walked around Darling Harbour a bit but had a (skim milk) hot chocolate at Lindt Cafe...ah well, you can't win them all.

On Tuesday I weighed in and lost 200gm, so despite the rubbish I ate, I didn't gain this week which is such a relief. Phew!

So I'm presently weighing 85.8kg - my lowest weight was 85kg, so not too far from getting back to my lowest weight. I'm feeling really full after eating a huge dinner - healthy soup and salad with chicken...but I didn't need to go for the extra helping just because it was low in points. Still have yet to acknowledge the satisfied signal in my tummy. At least I'm too full to eat the banana and chocolate cake that my friend made for maybe not such a bad thing being full of vegies...

Wednesday, 3 June 2009

A sad 2 weeks

I just have some sad news to share with you...It's been a sad two weeks for me and my family with my dad suddenly passing away on the 19th of May from a heart attack . It's been really surreal actually and I think about him at random moments, but especially in the early early morning - too early, but then I can't get back to sleep...ah well, I know this will pass...but I do think back to the good memories and some not so good - like when he was in a car accident, and he ended up in a wheelchair for the rest of his life. I was just 6 years old at the time. He really was a most generous dad, and he loved our family. I'll miss him.

So, my family all went with me to NZ straight away for the funeral and to support my mum...pretty crazy, hectic time for us all. I suppose that's why I'm waking up early in the morning thinking about Dad. Cos I've been too busy to find the space to do it during the day.

I didn't totally pig out in NZ, but did resort to some comfort eating - but careful comfort eating. And not chocolate. I gained 200 gm in 2 weeks so I guess that's pretty good in the circumstances. On Monday I weighed 86kg - coming down a bit over the last few days. But have tried really hard to track this week. Shock, horror, only Wednesday and I'm nearly 20+ pts over already (that's in 3 days). So have to get busy with some exercise.

Got heaps of work to catch up with *huge sigh*, so to get my head down and tail up...