Paris here I come

Monday, 29 September 2008

Week 24 - another woohoo week!

I'm happy again! I lost 1.1kg this week so it's been a good 2 weeks. I now weigh 95.6kg and I've lost a total of 24.6 kg since April. So happy happy happy.

I also made it to my GWES (96kg) and hopefully next week I'll made it to my 25kg milestone.

Monday, 22 September 2008

Week 23 - a woohoo week!

I wasn't expecting it, but I lost 1.1 kg this morning. Weighed-in at 96.7 kg, and this makes it a total of 23.5 kg in total since I started 23 weeks ago. Woohoo!

Monday, 15 September 2008

Week 22 Weigh-In

Week 22 already, almost half a year on WW! I lost 400gms this week, a bit pathetic....but that's what happens when you eat chocolate and don't do much exercise. I'm now 97.8 kg and have lost a total of 22.4 kg.

Friday, 12 September 2008

August was a slow month

Well it was a tricky month without a kitchen in August...but now we have one in operation at last and I'm happy! After eating out a friends' houses and eating frozen dinners (WW ones at least), I still managed to lose a couple of kilos, so I should be happy about it. But instead I feel annoyed that I didn't lose as much as I'd like to have lost. Ridiculous isn't it?

I haven't been on the exercise bike for weeks, but have done heaps of painting, so I think it has balanced out the lack of cycling. This week is looking better...but have to be careful over the next few days before weigh-in on Monday.

Week 21 loss was 400gm...and it was TTOTM. So total loss is 22 kg since April.

Thursday, 4 September 2008

End of August Measurements

Last time - After 15 weeks
Neck: 40.5 cm
Bust: 111.5 cm
Waist: 104 cm
Hips: 127 cm
Thigh: 74 cm
Upper Arm: 47.5 cm
Calf: 48 cm

After 20 weeks - on the 4th September 2008
Neck: 39.5 cm (-1 cm)
Bust: 110 cm (-1.5 cm)
Waist: 102 cm (-2 cm)
Hips: 127 cm (same)
Thigh: 70 cm (-4 cm)
Upper Arm: 45 cm (-2.5 cm)
Calf (standing): 48 cm (same)

That's a total loss of 11 cm in August. Cool!