Paris here I come

Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Missing everyone while in NZ

I've been in NZ for 5 days and I miss everyone already. I've been trying to get to the boards as much as I can but it's been very brief each time. I must be addicted!

Anyway, I weighed in on Monday and lost 600 gm, so that was good, but am not looking forward to the next WI as I've been eating and not doing as much exercise (as we've been travelling a fair just sitting on my bum for hours and eating cos I'm bored leads to ???? next week).

But we've had a great time catching up with our great friends Ross and Fi and their 3 boys. And we're going to see the sights on the West Coast with them....

Gotta go to bed. Cya soon.

The next day:
Now it's Thursday...and we're organised to go to the West Coast. So all ready for a quick departure in the morning. We're going to leave at 7am! Now, that's really early for our family...none of us are morning people, lol.

But I've been good today, went for a walk, ate within my points, and have been eating cherry tomatoes like they're going out of fashion. On Monday when I weighed in I was 89.2 kg. So that's a total loss of 31 kg since April 08. I'll be really happy to maintain that loss by next Monday...mmmm, not looking good at the moment but 3 days to walk it all off.

Off to bed again. Cyas all soon.


Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Wooohoooo I cracked the 90 kg barrier!

Just weighed in with Joy and the elusive 90 kg has been cracked at last! I weighed in this morning at 89.8 kg which is a loss of 300 gms. Not much, but enough to get me over the line. Earlier in the morning it was looking ominous but when Joy arrived it was all roses.

Even if I hadn't lost anything I've had a great week. I went bought a new pair of swimmers and went swimming twice in a public pool! Feeling great just for exercising! Maybe one day I'll be brave enough to post a photo of myself in my swimmers. Lol. And I was much better with my point tracking this week, although I still went over in points but not as much as the week before (Christmas).

I haven't been this weight for 12 years so it's a great feeling. After a very slow December, it's great to start the year off with a loss. Woohooooo!

Sunday, 4 January 2009

Healthy Thickshakes are possible

I just had to tell you about the latest discovery in healthy thickshakes! It may not be new to you but was a wonderful discovery to me. Actually my niece Hannah showed me.

If you get skim milk and whip it up (like in a milkshake maker) then it goes so thick and creamy. It doesn't work if you put a whole lot of other stuff into it. But if you use very fine chocolate powder (ie. drinking chocolate) it still holds it thickness. But doesn't work if you use Milo.

Hannah likes it with some vanilla essence and a teaspoon of sugar. I'm happy with nothing added. But try it, it's amazing!

Warning: It does double/triple in size so don't fill up the cup too full before beating! Half a cup of skim milk goes a long way.