Paris here I come

Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Still heading the right way

I lost 900 gm this week, so was really happy about that! I went over by 13 pts this week (I think), but I'm glad it hasn't made an impact on the scales...however next week may be a different story!

So this morning Joy and I both lost. I officially weighed 91.1 kg and have lost a total of 29.1 kg! Can't wait till I get to 30 kg!

It's been great having my niece Hannah here as we plan what we eat...and we keep each other on track. We've discovered Skinny Cow icecream which is yummy and low in points. I made stewed apples last night which was also really yummy.

Now we're waiting for the Chinese takeaway to arrive and I ordered steamed vegies and a fish dish. I might just have one little piece of honey chicken.

Minutes later....well that's the Chinese dinner finished...I had about 4 bits of honey chicken, the fish, vegies, some rice but the bad bit was probably the satay chicken....Now to work out the points. But I've eaten it on purpose as I figure I've got to have some 'higher point' foods sometimes...just happens to be today!

Monday, 17 November 2008

A yippee-yahoo week!

It was a goodie this week! I weighed-in this morning and lost 1.8kg. So I lost what I gained last week (1.4kg) and then some more. So now I weigh 92kg and made my GWEN today. I just hope to keep it off and not lose the plot and reward myself with food. I don't think I will.

My niece Hannah and I had a big salad week, and we counted our points religiously, but it worked. I went for a walk this morning before my WI and that also worked as it looked like I wasn't going to lose THAT much. Surprising what a difference a walk made to the scales - but then my scales could be weird.

Anyway, I'm happy!

Wednesday, 12 November 2008

A Boo-Hoo-Hoo week!

Yes, it must've been a baddie cos I haven't even posted how bad it was till today! I jumped onto the scales on Monday for my home WI, and I gained 1.4 kg! So, I weighed in at 93.8 kg this week. Yeah, that's why I'm boo-hooing...but it's not all bad, it's been the kick up the pants that I've needed as I've managed to get away with heaps of extras till now. I still feel positive about where I'm at. It's not every week where I'm blowing it.

I went over by about 35 points last week...and just had too much rubbish around. I've been meaning to get back to last week's tracker to see where I went wrong as I didn't think I was THAT bad. I did go a bit snack mad and there was a lot of high point food around. Uncle Jim sadly passed away last Monday - he's my MIL's brother, and so my ILs were back from NZ for the funeral. So I think I compensated for the sadness with lots of treats. Maybe a week of treats = 35 points!

I've been really good this week, and my wonderful niece Hannah is here from Dunedin for 4 months - we're doing the WW journey together which makes it really fun. I know we'll be good for each other and we're eating heaps of salad this week, and counting our points religiously. I've even got points saved up! I've lost some of that 1.4 kg gain already, and maybe I'll lose all the 1.4 kg plus more by my next weigh-in.

Today I went for a walk across the Harbour Bridge to the Opera House with Hannah, Mallory and Jason (cousins all from NZ), it was a beautiful day, and I really notice the extra energy I have. So keeping positive, and staying on track this week.

Monday, 3 November 2008

Week 29 Weigh-in and New Measurements

Weigh-in this week was better than I thought it would be be. Maybe the chockies I ate and the extra points will catch up with me next week. So I'll have to be diligent on the ex-bike in advance.

I lost 1 kg this week, weighing in at 92.4 kg - woohoo! Which brings the overall total since April to 27.8 kg. In my mind I feel that the goal of 68 kg will be achievable once I have less than 20 kg to go. So, when I get to 87.9 kg there'll be only 19.9 kg to go - only 19.9 kg, lol!

I keep forgetting to take my measurements but remembered today! So here are the stats for the last 2 months. Today's measurements are in yellow.

After 20 weeks
Neck: 39.5 cm
Bust: 110 cm
Waist: 102 cm
Hips: 127 cm
Thigh: 70 cm
Upper Arm: 45 cm
Calf: 48 cm

After 29 Weeks - measured today 3.11.08
Neck: 38 cm
Bust: 105.5 cm
Waist: 96 cm
Hips: 119 cm
Thigh: 68 cm
Upper Arm: 44 cm
Calf: 45 cm

That's a total of 26 cm in the last 2 months. I notice it the most from my tummy area - I think I have a waist developing! Wow! It's amazing!