Paris here I come

Friday, 31 October 2008

Beach Wedding Outfit + Halfway to goal

Here I am wearing the outfit I wore to our friends' wedding last Saturday. It also marks the half-way point of my WW journey - I've lost just over 27 kg...and I've got 25 kg to go.

What do I notice at half-way?

I notice that lots of people are noticing I've lost weight and comment on it.
I notice that it's heaps easier to get dressed in the morning.
I notice that my back doesn't hurt any more.
I notice that I exercise on purpose.
I notice that it's not as painful to exercise.
I notice that I eat so many more vegies.
I notice my salt intake going down.
I notice that my portion sizes are getting smaller.
I notice my kids can hug me and their arms go all the way around me.
I notice my husband doesn't complain about me snoring any more.
I notice that I can still eat what I like but not as much or as often as before.
I notice that I don't mind eating less rubbish.

Monday, 27 October 2008

Good News Week

Well, it was good news on the scales this week. I lost 1.7 kg and now I weigh 93.4 kg with a total of 26.8 kg down since April. So I'm really happy about that. Joy did really well too and lost over 1 and a half kilos...yay! We did the dance of joy - so funny.

So that weigh-in takes me over the half way mark to my goal weight of 68 kg.

So I tell myself:
  1. It's not a diet - it's a change of lifestyle
  2. It's not a diet - it's for the rest of my life
  3. It's not a diet - so I don't need to think about how long I can keep this up for
  4. It's not a diet - it's the way me and my family need to eat
  5. It's not a diet - I can have anything I want as long as I count it
  6. It's not a diet - it's about healthiness and living life to the full

Tuesday, 21 October 2008

A plus week!

This week's WI was a plus - yeah +400 gms, not a plus in the 'happy' sense of the word. So all those weeks where I was getting away with going over in pts finally caught up with me this week. It's also TTOTM and I didn't do much exercise either. So will have to rectify that this week. Back on the bike!

Unfortunately I had a bad start to the new week by eating a rather huge *monster* Anzac biscuit - and it was worth 12pts! So now I know they're evil, lol...just kidding, so now I know I can't eat a whole one, I won't buy them unless there are heaps of people to share them with.

I've just held onto the 25 kg total by the skin of my teeth. Week 27 WI was 95.1 kg, total lost is 25.1 kg. My GWEO is 94 kg, so get cracking to get to that target in 9 days.

Tuesday, 14 October 2008

I've been doing the WW journey for 6 months!

I've just realised that I've been following WW for 6 mths - 26wks! It doesn't feel like 6 months at all, but I'm so glad I started this journey with my friend Joy. She just happened to say she wanted to do WW - and I said *muttering under my breath* that I'd do it with her. So ever since that day, she's come around every Monday morning to weigh-in at my place and is my accountability. She's been a wonderful friend and support to me by just being there and encouraging me. So thank you so much Joy, you've saved my life...a bit dramatic, but I think it's actually true!

It's funny that in my head doing WW was such a hard journey to be on, but the truth is that WW is a hard journey to begin. Once I started it was actually really easy, and even though there are weeks that are difficult to stay on track and not to go off on a tangent, it's been a great journey. I have some other friends Lisa and David who kept telling me how easy it was - and I owe to them for simplifying the whole 'going on WW thing' for thanks to them too! And of course, my very generous friend Gail is such a blessing - she has passed her clothes to me as she shrinks! I haven't bought a single item of clothing in 6 mths!

I've done WW before - lots of times, and this time is the easiest - don't really know why! But I buy all the WW items in the supermarket, and do stick to low-fat items when shopping. It used to take me ages to go shopping cos I'd read all the labels, but I'm quicker now that I know what I like and need. Also, I love the WW on-line site! The girls on the community message boards are amazing people and so supportive...we keep each other going, and they've become my friends.

I weighed in yesterday - and I lost 500gms. It was looking really dodgey the night before, but it just seemed to melt away overnight - weird body! But I don't mind my body being weird, lol. So I weighed in at 94.7kg and have lost a total of 25.5 kg. I can't wait to get to 30kg as that's the most I've lost doing WW previously (in 1992-1994).

I'm sure the whole loss journey is all in our heads.

Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Some new reno pics

This has been my form of exercise for the last month - painting, painting and more painting. It's not that strenuous all the time but sometimes it's exhausting...especially the ceilings.

The kitchen still has a couple of doors to is 99% finished...
...and the lounge/dining is getting refurnished soon...

Here's a pic of the front doors...

...and everything got put into the new family room while the floor was being sanded and lacquered.
Still got to paint the outside, but we might pay someone to do that task!

Monday, 6 October 2008

25kg this week!!!

Hehe! No I didn't lose 25kg this week, but my loss of 400gm got me to the 25kg milestone. Exactly! Wooooohoooo! Today I weighed in at 95.2kg...after walking off last night's dinner this morning before weighing in. But it seems to have worked!

And I got a purple star on my WW weight loss chart. Ooooohhhhh!

I'm doing a happy dance!