Paris here I come

Thursday, 10 December 2009

Hanging in there

Just posting to keep the dream alive! I'm hanging in there this year, and it's not a complete disaster as other weight loss attempts have been. I'm still exercising and still tracking. I lose the plot every now and again, but thankfully I do get back on the wagon.

We had a visitor stay here for a couple of weeks and I didn't exactly make the meals WW friendly. It was very social around food...and not low point food. So the gain was quite substantial - but since Monday I've lost a couple of kilos and might still make it under 90kg before we get to NZ.

We're going to NZ on the 18th December and the plan was to be at 85kg by Christmas. Well that goal is virtually impossible, but the going under 90kg dream before heading to NZ is still alive.

I'm looking forward to sharing the journey with my niece Hannah who is really inspiring. She has done exceptionally well following the plan at home, and has taken up jogging and kickboxing. I don't know about jogging but a good walk around the streets of Mosgiel with my ipod pumping comes close. Just got to get some music to walk music is about the right speed, lol.