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Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Oh my goodness I found a really bad photo

Look what else I found while I was going through some photos last night...some pre-WW shots...arrggghhhh! It was one of the 'light-bulb' moments when I realised I couldn't hide my excessive weight underneath my clothes. As though I could anyway! Who was I kidding?

This is a photo of me, Sarah and my mum in New Zealand - taken January 08. I always used to hide behind my kids in photos. Look at how slim my mum is! I was a size 24-26 in this photo...and my face was so puffy and round!

This is my gorgeous daughter Sarah and me today (about 11 months later), she's taller and her body shape has changed too.

Now I don't have to hide behind my kids any more. I'm a size 14-16 now (depending on the brand), and I can wear shorter tops now as I'm not trying to cover my bum with a long shirt. I don't want to go back to the person I used to be! So putting these photos up really help me see how far I've come... Loving life more and more

Monday, 29 December 2008

I've made it to 30 kg! Woohoooooo!

It's a big happy day for me for two reasons.

1. I managed to lose weight in the Christmas Week!


2. I've now lost a total of 30.1 kg!

So I'm a pretty happy girl. I didn't think I was going to lose anything, but I did have light weigh-in clothes on...but then again, I had the same clothes on last week when I weighed-in. It's been a very slow month for the journey of a life-time, which I had fully expected. So all I have to do is hold on for 2 more days, and lose 100 gms, and I'll make it to my goal weight for the end of December (90 kg). So no post-WI blow out for me...I'm just hoping to hold onto my 400 gm loss this week, and lose 100 gms more this year. I wonder if I'll even be able to make it under 90 by Wednesday morning!

Monday, 22 December 2008

Twas the week before Christmas...

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Boy, December is a tough month for watching what you eat isn't it? But if I wasn't doing WW I would've put on 2-3 kg by now already, and then more after Christmas. Every year before WW I'd put on 4-6 kg in summer. Sometimes I'd lose it, and sometimes I wouldn't. So that's how I got to 120 kg after having my kids. Anyway, I am so glad to be doing WW even though it's tough this month. So here's to a happy, safe and healthy (lol) Christmas to you all this year!

I weighed in today and lost 100 gm....but I do confess to finding the lightest clothes possible to make it better than it would have been. I'm only a few hundred grams off from losing 30kg, and 500 gms off from making my GWED of 90kg. And only 600 gms off from going under 90 kg! What a week to try and make all those goals!

I misjudged the parties and dinners out this week and didn't allow for them, and whammo, 30+ points over for the week! So I'm amazed I lost this week...well with a little help from my light clothes, lol. I know that it'll probably catch up with me next WI, so I'm going to have to do pre-damage control this week ... yeah, yeah, I realise I've got to get through Christmas day first and the rest...hmmmmmm. Now I'm worried. So I'd better get shopping for fruit and vegies so there's something healthy to eat in the house.

My niece and I made hummous in the weekend...actually she made it, and I just put the ingredients on the bench and supported her while watching her make it. It was pretty yummy and healthier than the store bought stuff. So I took it to a party we went to and I tried to eat mostly that instead of the pastry stuff. I think I could probably make it myself next time.

We did some fun things this weekend as it was our niece Hannah's 21st on Saturday. She'd already had a 21st party in NZ before she came to Sydney, but on her actual b'day she wanted to go to a beach and have gelato. So we decided to go to Manly...

Me and Ben

Walking to Shelly Beach

After the beach went to a our good friends Jenny and Andrew's place...and here's a glimspe of the gelato cake we got Hannah.

Hannah and Sarah and the yummy gelato cake

Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Going downhill...don't put the brakes on!

Well, I'm very pleased to report a loss of 1.1 kg this week. This puts me back under 91 I weigh 90.6 kg. Just 100 gm more and I would have lost all that I 'd put on last week. But I'm ecstatic to have lost that much in December! The one time I got onto the ex-bike this week really made a it baffles me why I don't get on it more often. Oh yeah, I remember why now...because it requires effort and discipline, lol. And I've been a bit busy, all the excuses under the sun...

I just got back from the kids' school presentation ceremonies. There was one after the other....a very long morning...My kids didn't get any special awards but they love that I was there. I took a video of Ben's class doing a dance to Mamma Mia - he looked so embarrassed especially when he had to dance with a girl! Lol. Very cute. They showed a DVD of Sarah's dance group's performance at the Opera House a few weeks ago - they did really well.

Back to the topic of the post...So now my goal is to grit my teeth and stay on track through the next few Christmas/New Year weeks. The ball is rolling down the hill and I want it to stay brakes, no screeching of tyres, no rocks in the way. I would really like to go under 90 kg by the end of December. Heck that's such a polite way of putting it ...*I would really like to go under 90 kg...*, lol. I really want to go under 90 kg by the end of December. And I'm going to do it!!! After all it's only 600 gms.

Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Ah, found the wagon again...and a really fat photo to keep me on track

Look at that photo! It's a goodie eh? It makes me realise that one week of overeating is really quite insignificant and the overall journey is what matters.

That's right, I've found my wagon, in fact it never left me. I must have been looking in the wrong direction for it. All I needed to do was turn around! I think I spend too much of my time beating myself up and wallowing in my mistakes...but not as much as before. I've come too far to give up...that's the old me. The new me wants to get to my goal weight of 68kg.

But, the good news is that after my slip last week, I've been doing well this week. I faced the music yesterday and gained 1.2 kg, but already the scales are heading the right way again today. I know you're not supposed to weigh yourself every day, but I find it helps me stay on track. It's amazing that my body seems to respond so quickly to one day of staying on track. Is anyone else like that?

And here's a more recent photo of me...I think I look like a different person.

Sunday, 7 December 2008

Help...the wagon has left me behind!

Yes that's right....I've fallen off the wagon and it's left me behind this week!

I jumped onto the scales and I've gained 2 kgs, and I'm s'posed to weighing in on Monday....or is it Tuesday this week? Either way, nothing is going to save me from some sort of gain. Not even the 35 minute walk I took this morning....although I'm sure that will help it from continuing to climb to 3 kgs.

So what made me fall off the wagon? What pushed me over the edge?

Me of course! And 5 parties this week!

I think I've told myself that it's OK to let my hair down since it's Christmas. And I've taken it to the extreme. I didn't think I was totally pigging out, but my tracker tells me otherwise. I've gone over by 35+ points...and that's a lot. So now I'm really ticked off with myself and have scolded myself for being so undisciplined. But realistically, it's the overall journey that matters. And this is just 1 week of the journey. I've got to look at the big picture don't I?

It just goes to show what a mind battle weight loss is. I had let my hair down and continued to let it down (cos I'd already let it down one day) it had got so long that I was tripping over it. Maybe the hair got tangled up in the wagon wheels...ouch! Now I feel like Rapunzel.

The other thing I think I did was reward myself with food. I bought myself size 14 clothes this week (totally shocked me in a good way), and it had an adverse affect on me - I ate! Oh how subtle it all is. I'm still getting used to the new me, and don't feel totally comfortable with myself. Don't get me wrong - I do love being almost 30 kg smaller, but I'm not there in my head yet! Just a matter of time I guess.

But, thank God for new beginnings, we get a fresh chance every week on WW to get back on the wagon. I think the wagon is slowing down and is giving me a chance to get back on it. So back to the basics I go: Water, Tracking, Exercise. That's the seat belt that keeps me strapped into the wagon. All I've been doing this week is the tracking so 1 out of 3 is not that great. The other thing I've learned is to save up my points for the parties (which I didn't do). I need to be planning ahead for the week, not just one day at a time. Mind you, we don't often have 5 parties in one week do we?

On a positive note: I don't think there are any parties next week... *huge sigh of relief*!

Free Personal signatures - cool!

Saturday, 6 December 2008

Latest measurements after 33 weeks and down a size to...

I took my measurements today...they're not as spectacular as previous months but I do notice my clothing going down a size. It was so exciting going shopping yesterday as I bought size 14 clothes for the parties coming up this month. Woohoo! It was quite a pleasant surprise for me. I wasn't expecting to be a size 14 for quite a few kilos yet! I suppose it depends which brand you buy.

After 29 Weeks (last time)

Neck: 38 cm
Bust: 105.5 cm
Waist: 96 cm
Hips: 119 cm
Thigh: 68 cm
Upper Arm: 44 cm
Calf: 45 cm

After 33 Weeks (today)

Neck: 37.5 cm
Bust: 104.5 cm
Waist: 94.5 cm
Hips: 119 cm
Thigh: 68 cm
Upper Arm: 42 cm
Calf: 44.5 cm

Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Is there anything else besides weightloss?

Random Picture of a cow

I must say that the WW journey has been overall a great one for me this time. I've been on this journey several times before, and have lost every time - however, each time has been different and with varying degrees of success. Sometimes a few kilos, and sometimes 30 kg. The main difference is in my head...and support.

This is the first time I've tried the WW on-line thing, and I love it. I can just WI at home with my buddy Joy, and I've got to know some wonderful people on the WW boards. It's been so much easier to travel this journey with others who struggle with the same stuff as me, who can inspire me (especially to exercise), and are just there each day. I think it's better than a meeting! Not knocking meetings of course, but I always struggled with sitting through a meeting as sometimes they were just boring (depending on the lecturer).

So is there anything else besides weightloss? Sometimes it feels like some sort of obsession...but at least it's a healthy obsession, whereas before I didn't think about what I ate much at all. It was another form of obsession/denial, call it what you may, but it was probably going to kill me. So actually thinking about being healthy is a good thing - at times I wish I could have a whole massive bowl of chocolate mousse, but then 1 teaspoon of Brent's is almost as good. I'm not deprived, I still get to try things, and a taste is all I need these days.

Of course, there is more to life than losing weight...there's Brent and the kids, God, friends and family, fun in the sun/rain/snow, holidays in NZ (coming up soon)...and there's the house - how could I forget that other little obsession this year?

Tuesday, 2 December 2008

I'll take Monday's Weigh-In Thanks!

I weighed in on Monday and Tuesday this week. It's sort of cheating - Monday is my normal weigh in day but I've been working the last couple of Mondays, so Joy and I have weighed in on Tuesdays. However, Monday was heaps better than Tuesday, thus "I'll take Monday's weigh in".

So on Monday I lost 600 gms, weighing 90.5 kg. That's a total of 29.7 kg. So I was sort of cheating but then, not really! Only 300 gms to go and I'll have lost 30 kg. And only 600 gm to go and I'll be under 90 kg! I think it could be difficult to achieve in December but not impossible!

Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Still heading the right way

I lost 900 gm this week, so was really happy about that! I went over by 13 pts this week (I think), but I'm glad it hasn't made an impact on the scales...however next week may be a different story!

So this morning Joy and I both lost. I officially weighed 91.1 kg and have lost a total of 29.1 kg! Can't wait till I get to 30 kg!

It's been great having my niece Hannah here as we plan what we eat...and we keep each other on track. We've discovered Skinny Cow icecream which is yummy and low in points. I made stewed apples last night which was also really yummy.

Now we're waiting for the Chinese takeaway to arrive and I ordered steamed vegies and a fish dish. I might just have one little piece of honey chicken.

Minutes later....well that's the Chinese dinner finished...I had about 4 bits of honey chicken, the fish, vegies, some rice but the bad bit was probably the satay chicken....Now to work out the points. But I've eaten it on purpose as I figure I've got to have some 'higher point' foods sometimes...just happens to be today!

Monday, 17 November 2008

A yippee-yahoo week!

It was a goodie this week! I weighed-in this morning and lost 1.8kg. So I lost what I gained last week (1.4kg) and then some more. So now I weigh 92kg and made my GWEN today. I just hope to keep it off and not lose the plot and reward myself with food. I don't think I will.

My niece Hannah and I had a big salad week, and we counted our points religiously, but it worked. I went for a walk this morning before my WI and that also worked as it looked like I wasn't going to lose THAT much. Surprising what a difference a walk made to the scales - but then my scales could be weird.

Anyway, I'm happy!

Wednesday, 12 November 2008

A Boo-Hoo-Hoo week!

Yes, it must've been a baddie cos I haven't even posted how bad it was till today! I jumped onto the scales on Monday for my home WI, and I gained 1.4 kg! So, I weighed in at 93.8 kg this week. Yeah, that's why I'm boo-hooing...but it's not all bad, it's been the kick up the pants that I've needed as I've managed to get away with heaps of extras till now. I still feel positive about where I'm at. It's not every week where I'm blowing it.

I went over by about 35 points last week...and just had too much rubbish around. I've been meaning to get back to last week's tracker to see where I went wrong as I didn't think I was THAT bad. I did go a bit snack mad and there was a lot of high point food around. Uncle Jim sadly passed away last Monday - he's my MIL's brother, and so my ILs were back from NZ for the funeral. So I think I compensated for the sadness with lots of treats. Maybe a week of treats = 35 points!

I've been really good this week, and my wonderful niece Hannah is here from Dunedin for 4 months - we're doing the WW journey together which makes it really fun. I know we'll be good for each other and we're eating heaps of salad this week, and counting our points religiously. I've even got points saved up! I've lost some of that 1.4 kg gain already, and maybe I'll lose all the 1.4 kg plus more by my next weigh-in.

Today I went for a walk across the Harbour Bridge to the Opera House with Hannah, Mallory and Jason (cousins all from NZ), it was a beautiful day, and I really notice the extra energy I have. So keeping positive, and staying on track this week.

Monday, 3 November 2008

Week 29 Weigh-in and New Measurements

Weigh-in this week was better than I thought it would be be. Maybe the chockies I ate and the extra points will catch up with me next week. So I'll have to be diligent on the ex-bike in advance.

I lost 1 kg this week, weighing in at 92.4 kg - woohoo! Which brings the overall total since April to 27.8 kg. In my mind I feel that the goal of 68 kg will be achievable once I have less than 20 kg to go. So, when I get to 87.9 kg there'll be only 19.9 kg to go - only 19.9 kg, lol!

I keep forgetting to take my measurements but remembered today! So here are the stats for the last 2 months. Today's measurements are in yellow.

After 20 weeks
Neck: 39.5 cm
Bust: 110 cm
Waist: 102 cm
Hips: 127 cm
Thigh: 70 cm
Upper Arm: 45 cm
Calf: 48 cm

After 29 Weeks - measured today 3.11.08
Neck: 38 cm
Bust: 105.5 cm
Waist: 96 cm
Hips: 119 cm
Thigh: 68 cm
Upper Arm: 44 cm
Calf: 45 cm

That's a total of 26 cm in the last 2 months. I notice it the most from my tummy area - I think I have a waist developing! Wow! It's amazing!

Friday, 31 October 2008

Beach Wedding Outfit + Halfway to goal

Here I am wearing the outfit I wore to our friends' wedding last Saturday. It also marks the half-way point of my WW journey - I've lost just over 27 kg...and I've got 25 kg to go.

What do I notice at half-way?

I notice that lots of people are noticing I've lost weight and comment on it.
I notice that it's heaps easier to get dressed in the morning.
I notice that my back doesn't hurt any more.
I notice that I exercise on purpose.
I notice that it's not as painful to exercise.
I notice that I eat so many more vegies.
I notice my salt intake going down.
I notice that my portion sizes are getting smaller.
I notice my kids can hug me and their arms go all the way around me.
I notice my husband doesn't complain about me snoring any more.
I notice that I can still eat what I like but not as much or as often as before.
I notice that I don't mind eating less rubbish.

Monday, 27 October 2008

Good News Week

Well, it was good news on the scales this week. I lost 1.7 kg and now I weigh 93.4 kg with a total of 26.8 kg down since April. So I'm really happy about that. Joy did really well too and lost over 1 and a half kilos...yay! We did the dance of joy - so funny.

So that weigh-in takes me over the half way mark to my goal weight of 68 kg.

So I tell myself:
  1. It's not a diet - it's a change of lifestyle
  2. It's not a diet - it's for the rest of my life
  3. It's not a diet - so I don't need to think about how long I can keep this up for
  4. It's not a diet - it's the way me and my family need to eat
  5. It's not a diet - I can have anything I want as long as I count it
  6. It's not a diet - it's about healthiness and living life to the full

Tuesday, 21 October 2008

A plus week!

This week's WI was a plus - yeah +400 gms, not a plus in the 'happy' sense of the word. So all those weeks where I was getting away with going over in pts finally caught up with me this week. It's also TTOTM and I didn't do much exercise either. So will have to rectify that this week. Back on the bike!

Unfortunately I had a bad start to the new week by eating a rather huge *monster* Anzac biscuit - and it was worth 12pts! So now I know they're evil, lol...just kidding, so now I know I can't eat a whole one, I won't buy them unless there are heaps of people to share them with.

I've just held onto the 25 kg total by the skin of my teeth. Week 27 WI was 95.1 kg, total lost is 25.1 kg. My GWEO is 94 kg, so get cracking to get to that target in 9 days.

Tuesday, 14 October 2008

I've been doing the WW journey for 6 months!

I've just realised that I've been following WW for 6 mths - 26wks! It doesn't feel like 6 months at all, but I'm so glad I started this journey with my friend Joy. She just happened to say she wanted to do WW - and I said *muttering under my breath* that I'd do it with her. So ever since that day, she's come around every Monday morning to weigh-in at my place and is my accountability. She's been a wonderful friend and support to me by just being there and encouraging me. So thank you so much Joy, you've saved my life...a bit dramatic, but I think it's actually true!

It's funny that in my head doing WW was such a hard journey to be on, but the truth is that WW is a hard journey to begin. Once I started it was actually really easy, and even though there are weeks that are difficult to stay on track and not to go off on a tangent, it's been a great journey. I have some other friends Lisa and David who kept telling me how easy it was - and I owe to them for simplifying the whole 'going on WW thing' for thanks to them too! And of course, my very generous friend Gail is such a blessing - she has passed her clothes to me as she shrinks! I haven't bought a single item of clothing in 6 mths!

I've done WW before - lots of times, and this time is the easiest - don't really know why! But I buy all the WW items in the supermarket, and do stick to low-fat items when shopping. It used to take me ages to go shopping cos I'd read all the labels, but I'm quicker now that I know what I like and need. Also, I love the WW on-line site! The girls on the community message boards are amazing people and so supportive...we keep each other going, and they've become my friends.

I weighed in yesterday - and I lost 500gms. It was looking really dodgey the night before, but it just seemed to melt away overnight - weird body! But I don't mind my body being weird, lol. So I weighed in at 94.7kg and have lost a total of 25.5 kg. I can't wait to get to 30kg as that's the most I've lost doing WW previously (in 1992-1994).

I'm sure the whole loss journey is all in our heads.

Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Some new reno pics

This has been my form of exercise for the last month - painting, painting and more painting. It's not that strenuous all the time but sometimes it's exhausting...especially the ceilings.

The kitchen still has a couple of doors to is 99% finished...
...and the lounge/dining is getting refurnished soon...

Here's a pic of the front doors...

...and everything got put into the new family room while the floor was being sanded and lacquered.
Still got to paint the outside, but we might pay someone to do that task!

Monday, 6 October 2008

25kg this week!!!

Hehe! No I didn't lose 25kg this week, but my loss of 400gm got me to the 25kg milestone. Exactly! Wooooohoooo! Today I weighed in at 95.2kg...after walking off last night's dinner this morning before weighing in. But it seems to have worked!

And I got a purple star on my WW weight loss chart. Ooooohhhhh!

I'm doing a happy dance!

Monday, 29 September 2008

Week 24 - another woohoo week!

I'm happy again! I lost 1.1kg this week so it's been a good 2 weeks. I now weigh 95.6kg and I've lost a total of 24.6 kg since April. So happy happy happy.

I also made it to my GWES (96kg) and hopefully next week I'll made it to my 25kg milestone.

Monday, 22 September 2008

Week 23 - a woohoo week!

I wasn't expecting it, but I lost 1.1 kg this morning. Weighed-in at 96.7 kg, and this makes it a total of 23.5 kg in total since I started 23 weeks ago. Woohoo!

Monday, 15 September 2008

Week 22 Weigh-In

Week 22 already, almost half a year on WW! I lost 400gms this week, a bit pathetic....but that's what happens when you eat chocolate and don't do much exercise. I'm now 97.8 kg and have lost a total of 22.4 kg.

Friday, 12 September 2008

August was a slow month

Well it was a tricky month without a kitchen in August...but now we have one in operation at last and I'm happy! After eating out a friends' houses and eating frozen dinners (WW ones at least), I still managed to lose a couple of kilos, so I should be happy about it. But instead I feel annoyed that I didn't lose as much as I'd like to have lost. Ridiculous isn't it?

I haven't been on the exercise bike for weeks, but have done heaps of painting, so I think it has balanced out the lack of cycling. This week is looking better...but have to be careful over the next few days before weigh-in on Monday.

Week 21 loss was 400gm...and it was TTOTM. So total loss is 22 kg since April.

Thursday, 4 September 2008

End of August Measurements

Last time - After 15 weeks
Neck: 40.5 cm
Bust: 111.5 cm
Waist: 104 cm
Hips: 127 cm
Thigh: 74 cm
Upper Arm: 47.5 cm
Calf: 48 cm

After 20 weeks - on the 4th September 2008
Neck: 39.5 cm (-1 cm)
Bust: 110 cm (-1.5 cm)
Waist: 102 cm (-2 cm)
Hips: 127 cm (same)
Thigh: 70 cm (-4 cm)
Upper Arm: 45 cm (-2.5 cm)
Calf (standing): 48 cm (same)

That's a total loss of 11 cm in August. Cool!

Sunday, 31 August 2008

The new me after 20 weeks on WW

Here I am modelling some of the great new clothes Gail has given me.

There are heaps of pants I could have put on too...but couldn't really be bothered doing that...then it would be too much like a photo shoot, lol.

After wearing black, black and more black with the odd splash of colour, it's lovely to wear some colour again without looking like a huge beacon. Well, black is more slimming and often shops don't have larger sizes with other colours with the right cut. Why is that? Or is it just that you feel even bigger in brighter colours?

These photos were taken today (by my DD11 - Sarah).

This week I weighed in at 98.6 kg, a loss of 1 kg, and a total loss of 21.6 kg. Woohoo!

Saturday, 30 August 2008

Renovation photos

Here are the latest pictures of the kitchen...still need the benchtops and the glass splashback to go in. I'm so excited that I'll be able to use it soon. The oven now works, so maybe I'll roast something in it tonight...just need to find that manual.

And the ensuite is nearly finished too. Just the grouting and the fittings to go in. So our guests will be very happy (cos it's not for me and Brent). :)

Monday, 25 August 2008

Week 19: Kitchen and normality will return

It's been a real topsy turvy kind of week. We've been going to many of our friends' houses for dinner all through the week. They've been really supportive and have cooked healthy meals, and are wonderful friends...soooo lovely and generous. BUT, of course I nibble before every meal, and eat dessert after the mains. So over the course of a week, it all adds up to a 300gm gain this week. It's not too bad I know, and I'm still under 100kg, so that's all that matters, lol.

Today the new kitchen arrived! Woohoo!!! And so it won't be long before normality returns to our household, and I can stock up on food that I can eat (as food storage is rather limited in the lounge room). I'll be able to cook vegies even!

So I weighed in at 99.6 kg...Joy did well and lost, yippee! Total lost so far is 20.6 kg.

Monday, 18 August 2008

I made it to double digits! Woohooooo!

I weighed in today and am amazed and ecstatic to announce that I've made it to double digits! It must be the first time in 8 yrs I've been under 100 kg.

My current weight is 99.3kg which makes it a loss of 1.5kg this week.
Total lost so far is 20.9kg.

Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Winter is the time for skiing

If it's going to be cold in winter you might as well enjoy it. We headed off to the snow and just got back from the cold, white, powdery slopes of Mt Hotham and Falls Creek. We had heaps of fun and the skiing was great (even if it was freezing and snowing). I really noticed that I wasn't as tired as last time, and felt a bit more courageous because I'm fitter...but still I like to take things slow and easy.

I had a 100gm gain this week, weighing 100.8 kg today, but that's nothing really. I'll make a special effort for the rest of the week to get on the treadmill despite the builders and other tradesmen wafting in and out my house at the moment.

Had a lovely lunch with Brent today (who took a day off work). We went to Balmoral - to the Bather's Pavilion Cafe, and I had rainbow trout on mashed peas and broad beans. Very yummy!

Monday, 4 August 2008

Week 16 Weigh-In

I really didn't think I'd lose much this I was ecstatic to lose 800 gm this week. Still going down. I'm now at 100.7 kg and have lost a total of 19.5 kg. Almost at the 100 kg mark, almost at double digits!

We're going skiing this week, so as long as I don't eat too much chocolate while skiing I should be able to have a good result for next week :)

Gorgeous Gail

I have a beautiful-thoughtful-generous friend called Gail. She has saved me so many times during my weightloss journey...with clothes! Last week she arrived with more clothes that will get me through the next size. I haven't had to buy any clothes since I started because Gail keeps drip feeding me the clothes I need just at right time. What a great blessing!

I love you Gail! You're gorgeous on the inside and the outside!

Thursday, 31 July 2008

Renovation photos

Here are some pictures of our house in renovation mode. Most of the exterior walling is up but not finished off. There are some before and after photos of the back of the house. The front hasn't been touched.

Monday, 28 July 2008

I made my GWEJ

It's week 15 and the end of the month. My goal weight for the end of July (GWEJ) was 102kg, and I made it today! I weighed in at 101.5kg, a loss of 1kg so I'm very happy about that.

My next goal is to be under 100kg by the end of August which I hopefully should be able to do if I stay on track. Need to vary the exercise more. So that's my exercise goal for August - to do exercise other than just walking. We go skiing in about 12 days time so I'll be certainly varying the exercise when we get to the slopes.

Sunday, 27 July 2008

End of July Measurements

After 9 weeks
Neck: 41 cm
Bust: 116 cm
Waist: 114 cm
Hips: 136 cm
Thigh: 75 cm
Upper Arm: 48 cm

After 11.5 weeks - End of June
Neck: 40.5 cm
Bust: 114.5 cm
Waist: 109.5 cm
Hips: 132 cm
Thigh: 75 cm
Upper Arm: 48 cm
Calf: 47 cm

After 15 weeks - End of July
Neck: 40.5 cm
Bust: 111.5 cm
Waist: 104 cm
Hips: 127 cm
Thigh: 74 cm
Upper Arm: 47.5 cm
Calf: 48 cm

Measured in the morning with no food in my tummy. That's a loss of 14cm in July. Woohoo!

So what do I notice?
1. My clothes are feeling loose now, and I keep hitching up my jeans. But I'm still putting off buying new clothes until spring (cos it'll be my b'day in September). Also, I don't want to buy any winter clothes now as they won't fit me next winter. Well, that's the plan :)

2. I can cross my legs more easily. I can actually get my leg over my knee now whereas I could only do the men's cross-over method (ie. with my ankle on my knee)

3. I can walk faster for longer.

4. People are randomly commenting about my weight loss especially this week

5. I can run 100m (and probably further) but haven't tried to do that till today.

6. I eat a lot more fish, and fish is more expensive than wedges.

7. Wedges are really not worth it - 9.5pts for 6 wedges - you've got to be kidding!

8. I hate to admit it, but I feel more confident.

9. I spend more time cooking.

10. The whole family eats more healthily.

Tuesday, 22 July 2008

Yummy Cauliflower, Potato and Bacon Soup

I've just made some yummy Cauliflower, Potato and Bacon Soup...and it's really good. So good I thought I'd share it with you. If you have a large bowl it's about 1.5 -2 pts. 2 pts if you add a splash of milk.

1 Cauliflower
3-4 potatoes
3-4 cups chicken stock
1 large onion
125gm low-fat bacon
olive oil spray

1. Dice the onion, bacon, and potato. Cut the cauliflower into small pieces.

2. Lightly spray a medium to large pot with olive oil spray and gently cook the onions until soft, then add the bacon to finish cooking with the onions.

3. Add the diced potatoes, cauliflower and stock to the onions and bacon.

4. Cook until cauliflower is completely soft.

5. Blend the soup and add milk if desired.

If the soup is too thick, add more water or milk to thin it.

Makes 6 generous servings (especially if you add milk to each bowl which I did).

Monday, 21 July 2008

Week 14 Weigh-In

I lost 1.4kg at this morning's weigh in. I'm happy with that especially with all the eating we've been doing. But then we've done a lot of walking as well which I know makes a difference. So my grand total is now 17.7kg...I weighed in at 102.5kg so only 2.5 kg to get to 100kg.

I've just discovered the joys of popcorn. A mini bag of reduced fat popcorn is only 1.5pts.

Thursday, 17 July 2008

What a big week!

We've had my SIL and her hubby staying for the week, which makes him my BIL. It was great to have them here and we went to Shoal Bay for a few days, and did some stuff around the city. We went for a trip on the Rivercat from Meadowbank to Circular Quay, looked around the Opera House, then walked down Pitt Street and George Street to Chinatown and had Yum Cha. Then went to Darling Harbour to catch the Rivercat back to Meadowbank. A big day!

There were crowds of people from all the nations here for the World Youth Day. The atmosphere was amazing with people singing, praying in the streets, waving banners and flags around, and having heaps of fun. Great to see and be in the midst of the buzz. Here's a photo of me, my DD Sarah, and SIL Megan from NZ - we're just going past the Town Hall, and I'm wearing a denim jacket that my friend Gail gave me. It's the first time I've worn a denim jacket in ages!

On Monday (wk 13) I actually lost 600gm, so that was good cos I thought it could have been a gain...this week has been difficult cos of all the extra eating out. But I've been on the treadmill to try and balance things out. Need to get more food...running out of the good stuff in the pantry and fridge!

Monday, 7 July 2008

Week 12 Weigh-In

I weighed in today with Joy...and we both lost again. I lost 1 kg and now the grand total is 15.7 kg. I got a star today for losing another 5 ay?

Friday, 4 July 2008

The Journey in Measurement

Here are my latest stats in measurement.

After 9 weeks
Neck: 41 cm
Bust: 116 cm
Waist: 114 cm
Hips: 136 cm
Thigh: 75 cm
Upper Arm: 48cm

After 11.5 weeks (present)
Neck: 40.5 cm
Bust: 114.5 cm
Waist: 109.5 cm
Hips: 132 cm
Thigh: 75 cm
Upper Arm: 48 cm
Calf (while standing): 47 cm

According to my calculations thats a lost of 10.5 cm in total in 2 and a half weeks. I guess that's good...I've added my calf measurement in there too this week.

I wonder if I subconciously held the tape measure a bit slacker the first time I measured and pulled it a bit tighter this time, lol.

I'll take my measurements once a month at the end of the month from now on...once a month's more sustainable I think.

Monday, 30 June 2008

Week 11 Weigh-in

Yay! I lost 1.1 kgs this morning! And Joy lost 0.5 kgs. We did a little dance of joy. Joy for Joy! Her daughter Lauren just smirked at us jumping about - she's so cute.

Now I weigh 105.5 kg and have lost a total of 14.7 kg...almost 15 kg!

Thursday, 26 June 2008

Monday, 23 June 2008

Week 10 Weigh-in

Well now I can tell you officially that I've reached my 10% goal of 108 kg this week! (Even though I had already announced it unofficially this week).

I weighed in today and my scales read 106.6 kg which makes it a loss of 2.5 kg since last Monday! I know it sounds like a lot - and I guess it is...but I know that last week's WI was inflated due to the arrival of this week's WI balances it out a bit more.

Now a total loss of 13.6 kg in 10 weeks...I'm really happy with that.

Thursday, 19 June 2008

10% Milestone

Yesterday I reached my 10% loss milestone of 108 kg. Yahoo! It's been under 108 kg for the last 2 days, so I'm taking a gamble and posting it like it's official. Probably should have waited till weigh in day... but I'm too impatient.

This morning I weighed 107.9 kg. Close enough! It also means I have less than 40 kg to get to my goal weight, and my BMI is now under 40.

I also finally took my measurements which are:

After 9 weeks

Neck: 41 cm
Bust: 116 cm
Waist: 114 cm
Hips: 136 cm
Thigh: 75 cm
Upper Arm: 48cm

Tuesday, 17 June 2008

Our pre-renovation photos

Week 9 Weigh-in

Well, it's TTOM and I didn't lose on weigh-in day. I had Chinese-salty-takeaway in the weekend, but didn't really overeat...think it was water retention from the salt. I only gained 100 gm, so officially I was 109.1 kg this week on Monday. But today (Tuesday), I am 108.5 kg, so that makes more sense to me and I'm ignoring the WI result (well in my head I am), but I'll be all official and record the proper figure on my results here.

I'm avoiding Chinese now and will opt for Thai if possible.

Saturday, 14 June 2008

All things new

Here's a pic of my new haircut...I've cheated and added effects to the rather ordinary photo. It makes me look younger and slimmer than I really am. But I can live with that :) It's all a part of the new me...and I said to my hairdresser, "you can do whatever you like" - they love it when we say that.

Monday, 9 June 2008

Going under 110

Woohoo! I made it under 110 kg today. I'm stoked, and I've been keeping within my points this week and even spending time on the treadmill - must be paying off. Scales read 109 kg, so a loss of 1.4 kg since last week! I'm going to blitz my GWEJ of 108 kg (I hope, since there's 3 weeks to go this month). I've lost 11.2 kg in 8 weeks.

Monday, 2 June 2008

Week 7 Weigh-in

I just weighed in this morning with Joy. I was all prepared for no loss, even a gain today because last night when I jumped on the scales they read 112.2 kg. I weighed in this morning at 110.4 kg, a loss of 1.1 kg for the week. Woohoo! So sometime between last night and this morning I lost 1.8 kg! And all I did was sleep! I won't complain, but how does that happen? Can it really all be fluid? Or should I get a some new digital scales?

Grand total 9.8 kg - almost at 10 kg, almost under 110 kg.

Wednesday, 28 May 2008

Do you like prawns, shitake mushrooms and Chinese cabbage?

If you like prawns,
shitake mushrooms
and Chinese cabbage
(wong nga buk)
then here's a yummy dish.

300gm green prawns (shelled)
quarter Chinese cabbage (or more)
6-8 Shitake mushrooms thinly sliced
2 slices root ginger 1 mm wide (then thinly sliced again into skinny strips)
oyster sauce

Stir fry in 1 tbs olive oil the shitake mushrooms and root ginger, add prawns, when prawns nearly cooked add 1/2 cup water and cabbage, cover to steam. Stir and add 2 tbs oyster sauce. Add salt to taste. Stir until cooked.

Serve as a veggie dish with rice or on top of noodles.

Monday, 26 May 2008

How to lose weight without even trying

I have to tell you that Brent has lost 3 kg since I started WW. How hilarious...he now weighs 70kg, not that he needed to lose weight - but the love handles are harder to grab onto now, lol.

Saturday, 24 May 2008

Here's another first

First in exercise for about 5 years:

I went for a bike ride for the first time in years today.

My hubby Brent bought me a nice comfy-padded-made-for-women-bike-seat and put it on a bike I was given years ago. So we initiated it today. Boy did my bum still hurt! He's into mountain biking - the type that injures people. It was great to go on a family ride around the neighbourhood (the neighbours did notice)...only 2km, but had a slight gradient in places and I had to go down to bottom gear...thigh burn ouch.

A few clothing firsts:

I'm wearing a bra today that I bought years ago that was way too small for me, and now it fits although a little bit snug. And I'm wearing trousers that I haven't worn in years because they were too tight - and now they're not. I went out for dinner on Wednesday and wore an outfit that I liked but never wore because my bum stuck out too much (goodness knows why I even bought it), but now it fits me! I don't need to buy a whole new wardrobe, how good is that? Might go and try other too small things - it's quite motivating!

Friday, 23 May 2008

Going under 112

I went under 112 kg for the first time in years - mind you it was in the morning, after I went to the bathroom, and I was just in my not a true reading, but I'll take it all the same!

Thursday, 22 May 2008

I'm actually going for a walk by choice

I'm really going to go for a walk today (on purpose, not with my arm twisted behind my back). The kids aren't going to school today because of the teacher's strike so we'll take a picnic and go to Bi-Centennial Park at Homebush. My friend Tanya and I are aiming to take our kids right around the lake near the's quite a distance to walk but it's a lovely day in Sydney!

Probably a bit difficult to read, but we're going to go for a walk from the kid's playground right up the bike track nearly to where it says 'you are here'. The green area on the right side of the map. If you want to see it bigger you can click the map....
Hours later that same day...

Well we're back now, and it was a lovely walk even though we ended up walking a section on the road (because we went so far)! We walked past the mangroves and around the swampy lake and read the little boards with wildlife info. It took about an hour with several stops to look at the maps.

So here's a rare full length photo of me on the path around the bay without anything or anyone to hide behind.

Tuesday, 20 May 2008

5 weeks and staying on track

The new Superman rollercoaster at Movieworld...I actually did this and loved it!

Well I think I've achieved a huge breakthrough - to be on holiday and still lose weight. I usually put on weight whenever we go on holiday, but we just got back from the Gold Coast yesterday, and I weighed in today and have lost 1.2kg. So I'm rapt! I even cut up carrot and cucumber sticks to nibble on when we had a picnic at Burleigh Heads, and declined dessert every night opting for my low point desserts which are alright actually.

I don't feel deprived cos of pitos chips, weight watchers cereal bars, dips and and diet desserts. Yes, the shopping budget has definitely gone up but with a grand loss total of 8kg in 5 weeks, it's worth it...and I'm saving money on takeaways, so it all evens out.

Queueing up for the river rapids ride with my sweet girl Sarah...I got thoroughly drenched

Monday, 12 May 2008

The first 4 weeks

So I've been following the weight watchers plan for 4 weeks now - and getting the hang of it. Today I weighed in with Joy before the kids went off to school. And I'd lost 2.1kg this week. So total of 6.8kg so far. Yay!

I've been counting everything that goes into my mouth so I think that helps me stay on track.

Feeling motivated! But boy, I've got another 45 kg to go!

Funny thing is that Brent's feeling a bit hungry now that we've changed our eating habits and has lost 1.5kg too - not that he's overweight but is getting that tummy that guys get in their 30s and 40s. He was super skinny before. Think I haven't been feeding him enough meat. LOL...

Saturday, 10 May 2008

Yum Cha disaster avoided

Well, according to the scales (which I'm addicted to and jump onto about 20 times a day), I've lost 6.5kg since 14th april. So 6.5kg in 26 days. Not in the same league as the guys in Biggest Loser, but I might make my goal weight for the end of May at this rate. I want to lose 8 kg by the end of May. So far so good.

We were supposed to go to Yum Cha for a friend's birthday today - I absolutely love yum cha! But Ben has a soccer photo at the same time so I said I'd stay back for the photo and meet everyone later. So I got out of that potential pig out disaster. Mind you, I know I need to be able to go out and be able to make good choices...but I still have another birthday party to go to tonight.
Several hours later:
Well, ignore the above cos I went to yum cha after all! But did alright as we ordered 2 plates of greens and I tried to fill up mostly on that. I also stuck to the steamed vegetarian or seafood dumplings, but didn't eat as many as I would normally cos of the greens. Drank heaps of Chinese tea and diet coke so did OK with my points! No fried stuff and had 1 mouthful of Sarah's mango pudding. I conquered yum cha!

Friday, 9 May 2008

Chinese noodle soup with chicken and veges

Here's what I made tonight for dinner, except it had a lot more vegetables - I think it came to 3 points for me as I had 50gm noodles...not much really. I filled up heaps on the chicken and vege soup instead (and held off on the amount of chicken)


Egg noodles/any noodles you like - dry or fresh

2 chicken thigh fillets
2 carrots
1-2 zucchini
1 cup Chinese cabbage - wong nga buk
2 Baby bok choy
3 slices of root ginger
1-2 tbs soy sauce
salt n pepper to taste
2 tbs chicken stock powder
water to cover the veges in the pot

Optional extras to the soup:

2 Chinese dried mushrooms sliced thinly (they need to be rehydrated in hot water first)
Lobster/fish balls or wontons (available from Chinese grocery)


Boil, then simmer together in a pot:
water, stock, sliced chicken fillet, veges sliced on an angle, ginger, soy sauce. Add green veges, lobster/fish balls/or wontons last.

In separate pot cook noodles - don't overcook them as they go mushy. Egg noodles only take 2-3 minutes once water is boiled. Dry egg noodles need some assistance in uncurling once water starts to soften them.


Place desired amount of noodles in large Chinese style soup bowl. Add soup making sure you have bits of everything.

For less points increase portion of veges and decrease noodles and meat... Lobster balls were low for pts - 5 balls = 1.5pts. The key ingredient is the root ginger - it really makes it authentic.

My kids liked it and ate it happily - even the fussy one!

Caught out on marinated vegetables

I was taking great pride in the fact that I'd had a good week, staying within my points easily each day. Then kapow!!! I go out to the Macquarie Centre to meet a friend for a coffee and ended up at Maccas.

I did alright there, just got a breaky snack (small soft tortilla with an egg and bacon) - not greasy...and a fruit bag (which had an apple in it). So not a blow out. After breakfast we chatted long enough for lunch to come around. We got a smoked salmon salad which was good...except it also had marinated vegetables too...which caught me out because I forgot what they were marinated in! Olive oil! Arrrrgghhh! (So 6 points later just for the oil)... I'm regretting each mouthful...maybe I should have mopped up the oil with a serviette or something...but I didn't think of that till now, maybe next time...or maybe I won't order marinated vegetables again!

And then it seems I'm hungry or peckish all afternoon...a black forest bar (1.5pts), pitos chips (2.5), carrot sticks and hummus (1.5)...all I've got left is 2.5 points for dinner. Boy does that marinated vegetable on my salad really bug me...But I did walk up to get Ben from school, that's earned me 1 pt back.

It's gonna be soup tonight.

A clean slate

There's nothing like starting with a clean slate. I started a journey to being healthy just less than 4 weeks ago on the 14th April. So far, I've lost just over 5kg and it hasn't been too hard. The first week wwas the most difficult, just trying to get used to the portion sizes and the point counting. Quickly worked out what wasn't worth eating!

It's quite motivating at the moment so the first 10kg will be the easiest (I suspect) and then after that I'll need to keep finding ways to keep the momentum going. By the way, this is my 4th time doing weight watchers which means...

a) it works so therefore I'll do it again

b) it works but it's not a diet, it's got to be a way of life

c) it works but not if I keep eating the same foods and I get bored with food

Onwards and downwards!

Here I am with my husband Brent and kids, Sarah and Ben before I started (I'm the one holding the green bag and trying to hide behind my daughter) ...there are not many whole body shots for a good reason. Actually I'd put on a few kg after this photo was taken in Feb 2008.