Paris here I come

Monday, 31 August 2009

2 wins this week..actually 3!

I had 2 wins this week. Today I lost 800 gms, and Joy lost a kilo (yay for Joy), both of which I'm very very happy about. But the best thing about my week was going for a family bike ride. And.....I went up a hill without stopping. bum hurt but didn't kill like it did last time....ages and ages ago. So I think we'll be going on more family outings on bikes. We just need to get Sarah one that fits her - she's grown heaps since the last ride.

Yay, 2 wins!

Oh I nearly forgot...1 more win, I'm back under 90 kg. Woohoo!

Monday, 24 August 2009

Yahoo another kilo down!

Yeah, that's right! Another kilo lost this week. So I'm happy that the scales are going in the right direction again.

We went for a big walk on Saturday across the Sydney Harbour Bridge, through the Rocks market, ate corn cobs (no nuts this time), and continued towards Town Hall Station. Then we caught the train back to the car at Kirribilli.

My darling husband cooked a huge pot of yummy stir fried vegies (to help me stay on track), and so foodwise I've been doing better, although there is heaps of room for improvement still.

This week I weighed-in at 90.1kg, which is a loss of 1kg since last week. I've made it back to a total loss of 30.1kg since April last year when I first started WW.

Monday, 17 August 2009

Week 1 Weigh-In & Bay Walk

Thank you for yor encouragement and lovely comments ladies - I'm feeling the love :).

It was really good to restart last week - I think it was just what I needed to get my head back into a better space. This week was heaps better, and there was still plenty of room for improvement. Tracking started well, and then dropped away by the weekend. So this week, I'm going to track every day and take a notebook around with me - just need to find a notebook!

I went on the Bay Walk on Saturday with 2 great friends of mine, Linda and Jenny. Along the way I noticed it is actually called the Bay Run, lol. We joked that we could run it sometime - well I was really joking, but Jenny could actually be serious. Mmmm, let me think about that a bit more. Jenny's got longer legs than me so she went faster than me, that's my excuse anyway. But we finished it in about 80 minutes which was quite a steady pace. I'm sure the walk saved me from the weekend's BBQs and parties.

I weighed-in this week with 91.1kg which is a 1kg loss after 5 days. I restarted last Wednesday, but I'm going to keep Mondays as my WI I'm happy with that and am hoping to go under 90kg by next Monday.

Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Starting Afresh Today!

Time to come clean with myself and you all and tell you I've put on 7.1kg since my lowest weight of 85kg. Seems I couldn't maintain 85 kg once I got there, and have slowly crept up in weight over the winter months. But enough is enough!

I reset my WW goals and profile with a restart from today.

So at present - my weight is 92.1 kg and I'm starting afresh from today!
Winter is gone - spring is around the corner!