Paris here I come

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

The Holiday's Over and the Scales Don't Lie!

Yep, that's right folks.  The holiday is officially over and I weighed in this morning to find a lovely 3.4kg since i last weighed-in 3 weeks ago! So let me get an "aaaarrrgghhhh" out of my system, and let's get back on track! It never fails to amaze me how quickly I can gain especially whilst in NZ, but then there has been an extraordinary amount of eating!

Paris is still calling, and hubby is talking about it more, so I've got to keep up my end of the bargain and get to 85kg...which is now 25kg away!


Pinky said...

You can do this Heather - we both can! - Now all we need to do is repeat our previous success and we will be fine!
Good luck!

Lucy said...

That's a good way of putting it, "Get the aaarrrggghhh out of the system" and get back on track.

Good Luck!

margie uk said...

it's not fair is it, just so easy to put the weight on and oh so hard to lose it again.
you know you can do it so that is half the battle........As they say in Paris.....Bonne chance.

Heather said...

mmmm, still in holiday mode me thinks but slowly coming down this week all the same! :P