Paris here I come

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Weigh in today!

It was my home weigh in today! And I'm really glad to say I lost 1.2kg...but I certainly didn't deserve it as I didn't track and I ate rubbish every day.  But, it just goes to show how bad I was in NZ, and it's no surprise that I'd gained 3.4kg over a couple of weeks while I on holiday there!

So it's new week and my tracker is ready and waiting for me to fill it up with healthy food items, and the occasional treat ;P

This week's goal:

  • daily tracking
  • daily exercise (not being specific here  :))
Only 2.2kg to go before I get back to my pre-NZ weight, and then onwards and downwards.


Pinky said...

Well done on the loss Heather!
I am too scarred at the moment to look - I just cant focus at moment and have to work out why!
Good luck with the week ahead - I am sure you will have another great loss next week!

Heather said...

Hi Lisa - yep I know that feeling - it's such a head game! Paris as my motivation seems to be working for me...but holidays are a little glitch ;P