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Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Ate it - tracked it! Feel better!

I know that the temptation with a blow-out day is to make every day after it a blow-out day - then if I don't get my head back in the game, I end up with a blow-out week.

This morning I tracked yesterday's food...which was all good, really good, until I went to visit my friend.  Every Tuesday when my kids are at piano lessons I visit my friend and my god-daughter, and we have pre-dinner treats.  It's a bit late for afternoon tea, so it's a pre-dinner cakes and rubbish.  I don't want to be anti-social so I eat whatever is there!

So, I tracked it this morning, and feel better! AND, I still have plenty of weeklies left...

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margie uk said...

where are you heather, im missing your blogs