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Monday, 6 August 2012

Just can't have it in the house!

What a weekend I've had.  It's been lots of fun but very social, which means lots of food! It shouldn't necessarily have to mean 'lots of food' but for some reason in my world social = lots of food. A bit of an eye opener really...well, not really, but it's something I need to change in my perception.  I can be social without eating too much.

We had a dear friend's baby shower at our house, and the afternoon tea was astounding, and there was a lot left over which we did manage to give away, but not enough was given away! So then there was Thai takeaway after the baby shower, and white bread sandwiches yesterday, and leftover Thai takeaway for dinner, followed by leftover cakes from Saturday... sigh.  I feel like I sigh a lot lately.  So it's a fruit and veggie day again today, another miracle needed!

Weigh in tomorrow will reveal all. Might have to visit Tready which I should be doing anyway... he feels lonely.

I'm cooking little cherry tomatoes for breakfast, and then will have a grapefruit and a cuppa.

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Me said...

It's hard when you have social situations that seem to overpower you and your intentions. I always try to make sure I have a good meal before it's starts so that I am less likely to be starving and wanting to attack anything I can lay my hands on.
Have a great day !