Paris here I come

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

New name for Tready needed...

I've got to keep my Paris goal in sight, so I'm thinking of renaming my treadmill to get me motivated to exercise.  Its name at the moment is Tready, but I was thinking of renaming it 'Paris', or maybe 'Francois', but that's kinda boring.  Has anyone got any other ideas? 

I DID WI this morning after all, and despite my worst fears, I lost 100gms! Yay, who would rejoice with a 100gm loss? ME, cos I thought it was going to be a gain. 

But maybe I'll do another WI tomorrow, and instead of pigging out on WI day, I'll stick with the program today, and WI tomorrow (again). 

My aim for today - not to use my weeklies!

Better eat breakfast now - I have heaps of eggs in the fridge, so I think I'll have a couple of eggs on toast! 
See you all later, have a great day :D 

1 comment:

Pinky said...

Oh yes name it a french mans name and then you can schedule in your "dates".
Maybe rest a little french beret on it somewhere as well! (hehehe)